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Moser Cabinets, otherwise known as J D Moser & Sons Cabinets was started at its current location in 1971. My grandfather Jacob D. Moser moved his family and business from Norristown, Pennsylvania and established his business, here at the Silvertip Ranch in Martin City, Montana. Sadly he passed away in 1976. Since that time his sons have continued they're tradition of fine wood working and have carved a livelihood here for over 40 years. Unfortunately Dan Moser passed away in 2006, followed by Bill Moser in 2011, Followed by Lawrence Moser in 2013.

Leaving Chris Moser, and Chris's son Jed Moser, to continue the tradition of the family business. Hand crafted custom wood work.

It's an understatement to say that just about anything to do with wood can be made by these guys. Even though we specialize in Cabinets and Vanities, we have also turned out many other things such as; clocks, tables, plaques, entertainment centers, gun cabinets, dressers, shelves, desks, chests, Formica counter tops, beds, night stands, jewelry cabinets, mirrors, magazine racks, cribs, pedestals, mantles, you name it they have probably done it.

Material trends have varied a lot over the years, in the 70's it was a lot of Pine, 80's had a lot of Oak, 90's was a pretty good mix, pine, oak, maple, hickory, cherry, alder. Now a day's Alder is probably the most common as it takes about any kind of stain really well and can be made to look like a lot of other woods. We have even used exotic woods like zebra-wood from Africa.

We get a lot of comments about our Shop. You need to come visit us and see it for yourself to form your own opinion. These guys believe if it ain't broke don't fix it. It really hasn't changed much in 40 years. Most all of the major machinery, which they still use, they brought from Pennsylvania, these same machines can be found in museums now a days. They Main shop used to be a chicken coop, then they built an addition shortly after moving here in the 70's. Some say they just can't believe how such beautiful work comes out of such a place, others say don't change a thing.

Recently in 2013 We have begun work on a small Office/Showroom in an adjecent building.

Our hours are pretty typical, usually from 9:00 to 6:00 M-F. We have Voicemail and check it often. So, if we don't hear the phone over the machines or for some reason you miss us please leave a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Chris lives right near the shop and there is usually always somebody around just in case.

Most of our work has been from repeat customers and word of mouth, and often still is. Many people have asked "do you guys have a website?" so now we finally do. A picture is worth a thousand words so they say; now we have a place to share some of our handiwork with you.

With the help and expertise of Chris's son Jed we now offer 3D CAD Designs.

Moser Cabinets has always been known to be honest, fair, and reasonable. We give free estimates and would relish a chance to work with you on your next project.

Generations of Experience! Contact us today!

Check out our latest venture www.montanamugs.com


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